Ultimate Guide to Protesting Your Property Taxes

Welcome to my comprehensive guide on how to protest your property taxes effectively! Whether you prefer to watch my YouTube video presentation or read through the information below, this page is designed to empower property owners with the knowledge they need to challenge their property tax assessments successfully. In need of specific or personalized assistance with your property tax protest? Click the button below or click here!

Be sure to reach out to your local county appraisal district and tax office for any form related questions! Below are links to the Henderson, Kaufman & Van Zandt counties appraisal districts websites where you can find specific forms for filing your property tax protest, exemptions & more!

Understanding Property Taxes

Tax Value vs. Market Value

Tax value, or assessed value, is what your local tax office believes your property is worth for tax purposes, which can differ from its market value—the price it might fetch in the open market. Understanding this distinction is crucial as it can affect your property tax bill.

Taxing Jurisdictions

Your property tax bill is a sum of tax rates applied by various taxing jurisdictions in your area, including school districts, city and county governments, and special districts. These entities play a significant role in determining your overall tax rate.

Calculating Your Property Taxes

The Formula

Your property taxes are calculated by multiplying the tax value of your property by the total tax rate set by all applicable jurisdictions. For example, if your home is valued at $200,000 and your total tax rate is 2.5%, your property taxes would be $5,000 annually.

Example Calculation

This simple formula helps you understand how different factors can influence your tax bill, highlighting the importance of ensuring your property is assessed accurately.

The Importance of Protesting

Reasons to Protest

Protesting your property tax assessment can lead to reductions in your tax bill, correct overvaluations, and ensure fairness and equity in the tax system. Protesting individually can not only benefit yourself but the community as a whole. It's your right to protest!


Successful protests not only reduce your current tax liability but can also lower your assessed value for future years, compounding savings over time. It can also help the resale of your property in the future. 

How to Protest Your Property Taxes

Step-by-Step Guide

Review your assessment for inaccuracies. File a protest by the deadline. Prepare your evidence, focusing on comparable sales or discrepancies in property details. Present your case effectively at the hearing or reach out to your local appraisal district for an informal hearing. 

Gathering Evidence

Strong evidence includes comparable sales data, documentation of your property's condition, and any relevant reports or appraisals that support your case for a lower valuation. You can gather this information from recent sales in your area or reach out to a local real estate agent to help you gather this data. 

Maximize Your Savings

Leveraging Exemptions

Make sure you're taking advantage of all available property tax exemptions, such as homestead, senior citizen, disability, AG, or veterans' exemptions, which can significantly reduce your taxable value. You can significantly reduce your tax bill by coupling qualifying exemptions along with protesting.

Strategic Protesting

Even with exemptions, protesting your assessed value can further lower your taxes and enhance the affordability and appeal of your property at resale. A lesser property tax bill means a more affordable home for both you any potential buyers that might be interested in your home if you decide to sell in the future!


Armed with the right information and strategies, you can effectively challenge your property tax assessment. I encourage all property owners to take an active role in understanding and managing their property taxes for potential savings and a more equitable tax system. Stay informed and proactive about your property taxes! Follow me on social media, or contact me directly for personalized assistance with your property tax protest!